Benefits Of Using SWR Pipes and Fittings

swr pipes

In today’s modern world, the sewerage system is complex and they are dependent on pipes that offer long-lasting and durable services. Highly tensile and durable, SWR pipes are resistant to chemicals and bacteria which makes them ideal for eliminating waste. Widely used in residential and commercial applications, these pipes offer significant advantages over traditional metal pipes. 

Here are some benefits of SWR pipes

Tough and reliable:

One of the main advantages of SWR pipes is that they have high tensile strength, which makes them reliable and durable. The strength of these pipes makes them a viable solution for industrial, domestic as well as commercial applications for sewerage and drainage systems. 

Chemical, fire, and corrosion resistance:

SWR pipes have excellent chemical, fire, and corrosion-resistant properties. They do not rust or corrode over time. Besides, the smooth surface of the pipes prevents build-up deposits in the interior of the pipes. Additionally, the non-flammable properties of the SWR pipes make them a clear choice for transporting chemical bi-products, toxic chemicals, and industrial heated residue. 

Easy installation and maintenance:

SWR pipes have an incredible weight advantage over other traditional piping materials, especially metal pipes. The comparatively low weight of the SWR pipes is less likely to cause the installers any harm or injury during installation. Thus, it needs less manpower and time to install SWR pipes. 


SWR pipes are cost-effective as the pipes ensure lower installation, maintenance, and capital costs when compared to other piping systems. The lightweight pipes are easy to install, which in turn reduces installation, handling, and transportation costs. The durability of the SWR pipes also ensures efficiency, thereby making it economical over other materials. 


Besides being durable, SWR pipes are safe. The pipes are environment-friendly and apt for outdoor applications. Besides, they can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Moreover, the pipes are resilient and non-conducive in nature, which makes them highly sought-after pipes. These pipes play a very crucial role in waste management and therefore, it is essential that they come with highly advanced rubber ring seals that eliminate any chances of leakage. At Skipper, our SWR pipes conform to IS: 13592 and come in push-fit and ring fit technologies. Our pipes are completely leak-proof, thereby ensuring fast and safe removal of waste. 

Our SWR pipes and fittings adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality. Ideal for outdoor applications, our wide range of aesthetically pleasing SWR drainage and sewerage pipes are UV stabilised. The high-tensile strength of the pipes makes them durable and highly efficient. 


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