Reasons CPVC Pipes Are Ideal For Plumbing

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The importance of having access to clean water cannot be overstated. When considering piping choices and it is, therefore, important to choose the right material is important. The superior strength and performance of CPVC pipes make them ideal for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing applications. Traditionally, metal pipes were used. Over the years, the CPVC pipes have outperformed metal pipes and are now largely relied on.


Here are some primary advantages that CPVC offers which make them ideal for plumbing:


  • Safe and clean water quality: One of the reasons why CPVC pipes are widely used in transporting potable water is that they do not transfer harmful and dangerous products to the water. Often chlorine or chlorine-based disinfectants are added to water to keep them clean and safe. The CPVC pipes do not react with the chlorine.


  • Corrosion resistance: When it comes to metal pipes, corrosion is a common and ongoing problem. CPVC pipes and fittings are resistant to internal and external corrosion, reducing the chances of water leaks or water flow restrictions. This corrosion-resistant property of CPVC makes them the best for transporting potable water. CPVC pipes do not scale or release harmful elements into the water like metal pipes.


  • Optimum flow rate: When metal pipes are used for plumbing, often high-level minerals build up on the surfaces. This result in a drop in pressure and reduced flow rate. However, this isn’t the case with CPVC pipes as they have a smooth inner surface that resists scaling.


  • Strong joint strength: CPVC pipe and fittings are installed using solvent cement — which chemical fuses pipes and fittings at the molecular level, creates highly reliable joints. When properly installed, the joints do not break part making CPVC pipes durable and long-lasting for decades.


  • Additional safety: Not only are CPVC pipes cost-effective when it comes to installation, but they are also safe to operate. The surface temperature of the pipes is not too hot. This reduces the chances of burns to the personnel handling the pipes. Moreover, CPVC pipes do not support combustion. In case of a fire, if you remove the source of fire, CPVC pipes will stop burning. This also means less property damage.



  • Easy to install: As compared to metal pipes, CPVC pipes are lightweight. This means they are easy to transport — there are lower freight costs. Not just that, CPVC pipes require fewer complex tools — which means faster installation and simplified maintenance.



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