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UPVC Pipes

Our UPVC pipes have an economical installation up-take, down-take lines, terrace looping, and concealed pipe work. Made of thermoplastic material welded by solvent cement, these fire-resistant products do not contaminate water passing through them. Being 100% lead-free India’s safest pipes ensures overall hygiene. Our UPVC pipes and fittings are anti-fungal and anti-algae. Their smooth surface prevents scaling and deposition, while their UV stability makes them ideal for outdoor application. These non-corrosive pipes with excellent tensile and impact strength are a smart substitute for GI pipe systems. These pipes are made as per ASTM D 1785, and also comes in SCH 40 and SCH 80.

Fittings for UPVC Pipes

Skipper UPVC lead-free Pipes and Fittings are lightweight, making them easy to use while reducing transportation and installation costs. The jointing of these pipes is fairly simple because it requires no special tools for cutting. One-stop solvent cement is all that is required to provide a 100% leak-proof joint. If it is necessary to cut the pipe, then it should be done with a fine-toothed handsaw. These fittings conform to ASTMD 2467, and also comes in schedule 40 and schedule 80.

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UPVC Pipes Specifications :

  • 100% Lead free
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Strong and resilient with high tensile strength
  • Leak proof jointing methods


UPVC pipes are made of synthetic plastic polymer. UPVC stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Due to its resistance to chemicals, UPVC pipes are widely used for plumbing applications.

CPVC pipes can withstand extreme temperatures thus making them ideal for carrying both cold and hot water as well as industrial liquids. UPVC pipes, on the other hand, are ideal for transporting potable water.

UPVC pipes are widely used for transporting potable water. As they are resistant to chemicals, they are also used for transporting chemicals such as chloride in industrial settings.

Yes, UPVC pipes are safe for drinking water. Our UPVC pipes are corrosion resistant, antifungal and anti-algae and 100% lead free, making them ideal for drinking water. They do not react with chlorine disinfectant added to the water.

When properly installed, CPVC pipes are known to last for years. Our CPVC pipes have high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and can withstand any hazardous condition and tension. All these properties make our CPVC pipes ideal for long-term use.