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Skipper HDPE Pipes are safe durable and cost effective solution for various

application. Strength tests on raw material & finished goods assists to provide

the quality as per standard IS:4984-2016.

Key Features

  • Excellent resistance to Corrosion, Abrasion & Chemical.
  • High Ductility & Toughness.
  • Excellent resistance to Water Hammers.
  • Excellent Weldability.
  • Low Installation Cost.
  • Durable & Cost Effective.
  • High flow characteristics.
  • Minimum friction loss.

Product Range

  • Size: 20 MM to 400 MM
  • Pressure Class: SDR 41 to SDR 6 (PN2 to PN20)
  • Grades: PE63, PE80, PE100.

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  • Distribution mains line & house connections for water supply.
  • Bore well installations with submersible pumps for water supply.
  • Coal handling in mines.
  • Chemical lines & other Industrial application.
  • Agriculture & Lift Irrigation.
  • Under water pipelines & Desalination plants.


HDPE pipes are used for distribution mainline and house connections for water supply. They are also used for borewell installations with submersible pumps. They are used for industrial applications such as coal handling in mines and chemical lines.

Both PVC and HDPE pipes come with a variety of benefits. PVC pipes are mainly preferred for sewer, irrigation and drains. HDPE pipes are more used for industrial applications such as distribution of natural gas, chemicals and petroleum products.

Yes, HDPE pipes are safe for potable water applications. As they have excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals, our pipes are used as for the mainline and house connections of water supply. They are also used for in borewells with submersible pumps.

In comparison to other pipes, HDPE pipes have a very tight safe bend radius. This feature allows HDPE pipes to bend easily and safely to a certain extent.