The Top Benefits and Applications of SWR Pipes and Fittings

Skipper Pipes is one of the top companies in India that produces SWR Pipes. These pipes are commonly used in both residential as well as commercial projects and they are extremely useful in managing waste in drainage systems. One of the key things of these pipes is high resistance to all sorts of harmful chemicals and corrosion. They are extremely durable and very environment-friendly. 

Let’s have a look at the different applications of SWR Pipes:

    • Connecting different pipes: One of the important applications of SWR fitting is connecting different types of pipes, which have different lengths and diameters. Once this connection is established, a continuous drainage network is formed. 
    • Changing the direction: In drainage systems, changing the direction is a crucial thing. Elbows and bends make it possible, as they ensure easy navigation around obstacles. This is how the waste water flows to the designated outlets.
    • Makes Branching Easier: It is through Y-Sections and tees that different kinds of pipes get connected to a single line. It collects the waste water coming from different fixtures within a building. SWR pipes make branching easier and this is one of the key applications.
    • Terminating lines at key regions: There are caps to seal off the end of the pipes and this helps in preventing leaks and all sorts of unwanted entry points.
    • Connecting to various fixtures: Specific fittings connect the drains from sinks, toilets and various other fixtures to the main drainage system.


What are the main advantages of SWR Pipes?

If we look at the main advantages of SWR Pipes and Fittings over other systems, there are six key areas.

  • Ensuring Leak-proof connections:  SWR Pipes mainly the solvent cement or the ring seal varieties are known for creating solid and absolutely watertight joints which totally minimizes the risk of leaks and a smooth flow of waste is ensured.
  • Amazing Durability and longevity:  These pipes are made from robust PVC materials and this is why they are totally resistant to corrosion, high temperature and chemicals. As a result the lifespan of the drainage system is elongated.
  • Easy to install:  A lot of SWR Pipes utilize solvent cement or it has a push-fit mechanism, which makes the installation hassle-free, quick and convenient. These are even perfect for DIY plumbing projects.
  • Quite Lightweight and manageable: When compared with metal alternatives, SWR Pipes are quite lightweight and very easy to handle. This simplifies the installation process and maintenance.
  • Smooth flow design:  The unique design of the SWR Pipes minimizes the risk of clogs completely. The smooth inner surface of these fittings prevents the risk of blockages in drainage systems.
  • The Cost-effectiveness: Customers always look for value for money products that offer them the best solutions. SWR Pipes are rather inexpensive and widely preferred.


What are the different types of SWR Pipes and Fittings?

Drainage systems have different needs and to suit these different needs, various types of SWR Pipes and Fittings are available. Listed below are some examples.

  • Elbows:  These fittings are the ones that allow for 90-degree turns in the pipe direction.
  • Bends: These are similar to elbows, but bends offer angled connections but with a wider range of degrees (e.g., 45 degrees).
  • Tees:  Tees help in creating a three-way connection; they connect a branch line to the main drainage pipe.
  • Y-sections: These are similar to tees, Y-sections offer a three-way connection but with a Y-shaped configuration for tighter spaces.
  • Reducers:  These fittings connect pipes of different diameters, enabling a smooth transition between different pipe sizes.
  • Couplers:  Couplers generally join two pipes of the same diameter to extend the total length of a straight run.
  • Caps:  Caps are used to seal the open ends of pipes, preventing leaks and unwanted objects from entering the drainage system.

In order to install an efficient drainage system in residential or commercial areas, one has to understand the different applications as well as the benefits of SWR Pipes and Fittings. Before finalizing a plumbing project, it is always recommended to consult a professional plumber to determine which SWR Pipes and Fittings will be perfect. For more information, visit this page of the Skipper Pipes website.


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