For Hygienic & Anti-Bacterial Water Storage

The need for safe, potable water has never been higher than at present. Easily the most valuable asset for humans, water has to be used, distributed and stored in an efficient manner. There is no scope for compromise in this regard.

At Skipper Pipes, we fully understand the immense value of clean, potable water and the importance of safe, hygienic water storage. That’s precisely why we bring to you the state-of-the-art Skipper Marina Tank, with 4 & 3 layers of foam insulation.

Manufactured with the breakthrough Roto Mold technology, the Skipper Marina Tank comes with additional ribs for enhanced strength and durability. Even when the tank is full, there is practically no bulging, and risks of bursting are eliminated. Stringent quality parameters are adhered to at every stage, to ensure optimal performance and superior buyer-satisfaction.

Key Features