Top 6 Advantage and Applications of CPVC Pipes

Skipper CPVC Pipe Advantages

CPVC is an acronym for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride; this is important because the fact that CPVC is chlorinated gives it an advantage in dealing with common water treatment chemicals compared to other materials. The chlorine molecules in the pipe effectively block the chlorine and chloramine in the water supply from attacking the pipe, making the material immune to chlorine degradation and extending the lifespan. CPVC pipes & Fittings are also virtually impermeable and are not subject to unsafe leaching. Skipper is a trusted name when it comes to largest CPVC pipe manufacturers in India.

Skipper CPVC Pipes comply with ASTM standards and are designed for reliable operation at higher pressures other than plumbing systems. Skipper CPVC pipes are manufactured from the world’s best Japanese Compound “Durastream’’ of Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd and is certified by NSF. It can operate constantly at 93° F.

Key Advantages of CPVC Pipes:

  • Long-lasting:

CPVC is a plastic material; it does not react to eroding substances and does not rust, so its lifespan is longer.

  • Robust:

CPVC pipes have the ability to handle high water pressure, making it a good material for a main water supply line.

  • Ease of maintenance:

CPVC pipes are also quite lightweight and flexible, which makes it easy to move and work.

  • Temperature Tolerance: 

CPVC is able to withstand extreme temperatures up to 93° F. Hence, it’s easy for hot water transport.

  • Chemical Resistant:

CPVC materials are resistant to many household chemicals.

  • Self-Extinguish ability: 

It has a self-extinguishing function that does not catch fire when exposed to fire.

Prime Application of CPVC Pipes

  • Indoor and outdoor Installations of hot & cold-water plumbing lines
  • Water heaters
  • Concealed, exterior & terrace water Pipe line
  • Public utilities & swimming pools
  • Residential & commercial buildings

Due to the excellent quality testing, Skipper CPVC Pipes & Fittings maintain long term structural reliability and strength and are expected to last a lifetime under optimal conditions. CPVC water pipe and fittings, potable water pipe to ensure safety, robustness and trustworthiness for all kind of plumbing systems. Truly #FixedForLife.


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