How Is Skipper Pipes Helping Housing Complexes In Water Transportation?

How Is Skipper Pipes Helping Housing Complexes In Water Transportation

Problems in potable water distribution can be many and varied. The pipelines can be too old and worn out, there can be cracks & leakages, there are chances of water-quality related problems, and the overall water availability may become significantly inadequate. Any of these factors (or a combination of them) can downgrade the water transportation systems in housing complexes. As one of the top UPVC and CPVC pipe manufacturers, Skipper Pipes helps buyers stay at an arm’s length from such problems – by supplying a complete range of pre-tested and quality-optimised pipes for smooth water distribution. Here’s an overview of how Skipper Pipes is making a difference:

By Following An Unwavering Commitment To Quality

One of the biggest factors behind the rapid rise of Skipper Pipes as a trusted polymer pipes & fittings company is its focus on maintaining stringent product quality standards. The company uses its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to prepare powerful CPVC and UPVC pipes for water distribution, with zero glitches and world-class features. The pipes are tested at multiple stages, to ensure that buyers get the best value.

By Adhering To Industry Parameters

Unlike local UPVC and CPVC pipe manufacturers, the experts at Skipper Pipes follow all the relevant industry standards – while preparing the dimensions and other physical attributes of all the water distribution pipes it delivers. ASTM and IS specifications are adhered to while manufacturing CPVC pipes, while ASTM D 1785 standards are maintained in the dimensions of the company’s UPVC pipes & fittings. When buyers source pipes from Skipper, they can rest assured about the quality & performance of the products.

By Ensuring Ease Of Installation

The water distribution pipes manufactured by Skipper Pipes are lightweight, low-maintenance, and can be installed/handled easily. As such, the cost of installation is significantly lower than that of metal pipes. Transportation and storage of these CPVC and UPVC pipes is easy as well, and – when properly installed in the plumbing system – these pipes significantly bolster overall water efficiency levels. The pipes are installed through standard installation processes.

By Using Best-In-Class Material To Manufacture The Pipes

Like all other recognised UPVC and CPVC pipe manufacturers & suppliers, Skipper Pipes uses premium-grade raw material to make its products stand out in terms of quality, usability, convenience and longevity. For example, the CPVC pipes manufactured by the company are made with the Japanese Durastream compound, and are NSF certified. Compared to the outdated GI pipes, the pipes from Skipper have significantly more mechanical toughness, and the performance assurance is greater.

By Offering Buyers A Wide Range Of Water Distribution Pipes To Choose From

For users, it is very important to understand that when it comes to choosing water distribution pipes for housing complexes, one size certainly does not fit all. The physical properties (like pipe configuration and thickness) of sewerage pipes are typically different from those of storm drainage pipes or pressure water pipes. That’s precisely why Skipper Pipes has pipes & fittings of different thicknesses and diameters in its portfolio. By ensuring prompt delivery of custom PVC pipes for varied water distribution requirements, Skipper has emerged as a one-stop CPVC & UPVC pipe manufacturer in India.

By Ensuring Top-Notch Resistance Properties

Having to replace/repair water pipes frequently is a hassle. The expenses involved in such repairs are high too. The CPVC and UPVC pipes for water distribution manufactured by Skipper Pipes do away with such problems. Apart from having superior mechanical strength, these pipes do not get damaged in any way when exposed to chemicals, UV rays and flames. The pipes are corrosion-resistant too, ensuring smoother flows and better service lives.

By Providing Lead-Free Assurance For Hygienic Water Distribution

When plumbing materials contain lead, contamination in drinking water becomes a very real possibility. Given the health hazards that lead-contamination can cause (lead is a Group 2B carcinogen for human beings), buyers from housing complexes should always opt for lead-free pipes for water distribution. The entire range of pipes and fittings from Skipper Pipes come with complete lead-free assurance, and hence, can be safely used. A perfect combination of efficiency and hygiene – that’s what Skipper Pipes offers.

By Manufacturing Pipes With The Capacity To Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Ranked among the leading CPVC pipe fittings manufacturers, Skipper Pipes offers water distribution pipes with robust temperature-resistance. These CPVC pipes can withstand both extreme cold and extreme hot temperatures, without their functionality or performance getting affected. At high temperature levels, there is minimal (if any) shrinkage in the pipe material. Since the heat conductivity of Skipper’s range of PVC pipes is low, there is no loss of temperature during the water distribution process.

By Eliminating Risks Of Fungal Growth & Deposit Accumulation In The Pipes

A key factor that makes the pipes from Skipper Pipes ideal for water distribution in housing complexes is their smooth surface finishes that safeguard against material deposition and scaling. The impact strength and tensile strength of the pipes are extremely high, and there are no chances of any fungal or algae growth. Moreover, chances of clogging and blockage in Skipper UPVC or CPVC pipes are practically nil. The UPVC pipes, in particular, can be used for outdoor water systems – thanks to their cutting-edge UV resistance.

By Delivering Quality Water Distribution Pipes At Competitive Rates

While sourcing the best quality plumbing pipes is, of course, a prime point of concern for users – buying complexes almost always have a certain budget to work with. Skipper Pipes makes things easy for potential buyers, by offering the best UPVC and CPVC pipes for potable water transmission at highly affordable rates. Buyers can select the pipes they require, without ever having to move beyond their budget.

Right from ensuring that water is transported and supplied to all the desired places while maintaining adequate pressure levels, to ruling out possibilities of water quality deterioration and ensuring proper water availability – Skipper Pipes, a reputed CPVC and UPVC pipe manufacturer, makes sure that its products are primed to meet the many and varied water distribution requirements of housing complexes. For smooth and problem-free potable water supply, the high-strength pipes from Skipper Pipes are indeed the very best.


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