Durastream Technology – The Tech behind Robustness of CPVC Pipes

The Tech behind Robustness of CPVC Pipes

The most common queries among Plumbers are:

“Which CPVC pipe is the best?”, “What are the basic differences between companies offering CPVC pipes?”, “Is all CPVC pipe the same”. While the answers to these questions can be endless, but Skipper CPVC pipes are made with Durastream compound, making it one of the best available in the market. Well, let’s delve deeper…

Manufactured from the world’s best Japanese Compound ‘’ Durastream’’ of ‘Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd’, Skipper CPVC Pipe is most ideal solution for Hot & Cold Water Applications. Durastream is a patented technology of SEKISUI that boasts superior formability and high productivity as it uses highly thermo-stable CPVC arising from SEKISUI Chemical’s unique chlorination process, hence making it the best CPVC pipe in India.

Durastream ensures superior performance. It uses highly thermo stable CPVC arising from Sekisui’s unique chlorination process and a combination design that uses Sekisui technologies, Durastream boasts superior formability and high productivity. It also displays highly stable performance in terms of heat resistance, flame resistance, and mechanical strength.

Durastream CPVC Compound is NSF certified to meet international standards for physical properties, safety to humans, and pipe material specifications. It is certified to NSF 61/NSF 14 standards. Additionally it also displays highly stable performance in terms of heat resistance, flame resistance and mechanical growth.

Durastream is a mix of CPVC Resin & Additives which are; Heat stabilizer, Lubricant, Impact modifier, and Filler/ pigment. Durastream seeks to provide pipe makers with a formulation that best suits their needs. Only highly reliable components that suit customers’ needs are selected for the formulated design of SEKISUI’s CPVC resin.

Durastream CPVC compound enhances the following benefits in a CPVC pipe:

  • Superior mechanical strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Superior flame resistance
  • Superior from a hygiene perspective


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