How To Choose The Right Pipe For Plumbing Applications

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Dealing with a plumbing project can be quite overwhelming. With so many different kinds of piping solutions available, it can be quite confusing. Do you need PVC, CPVC or UPVC pipes? Here are some common plumbing pipes and what they are used for:

PVC pipes: The most common type of pipe used for residential properties is PVC. These pipes are ideal for drainage applications (dirty water from sinks, toilets, etc.). They can also be used for the main water supply, as they are strong and sturdy in high-pressure conditions. PVC pipes can be used for both warm and cold water applications as PVC pipes do not corrode or rust over time, they do not need to be replaced frequently. They are also easy to work with as they do not require any welding or metal work like steel or iron pipes. For high-pressure applications, PVC pipes are ideal.

PVC pipes can be used for:

  • Drainage lines
  • Main water supply line
  • High-pressure applications

CPVC pipes:

CPVC pipes are made from PVC that has extra chlorine. CPVC pipes have all the benefits that PVC pipes offer. As CPVC pipes, just like PVC pipes, do not rust or corrode, they are safe for transporting drinking water. They also do not degrade when exposed to hot water. CPVC pipes have a smooth surface that ensures that when the water travels, there is little noise as compared to metal pipes. Moreover, CPVC pipes are well-insulated that prevents energy loss in hot or cold applications. Known for high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and easy installation and maintenance, our CPVC pipes are widely used in different residential and commercial projects.

  • Hot water
  • Drinking water
  • Hot water
  • Waste disposal pipes

UPVC pipe:

The UPVC pipes and fittings are suitable for any kind of plumbing system. Compared to metal pipes, UPVC pipes have excellent corrosion resistance properties that make them suitable for carrying potable water. Often when untreated water is transported in metal pipes, they turn yellow or reddish. However, there is no such problem with UPVC pipes.

As UPVC pipes are lead-free, they are a cost-effective solution for agricultural pipes. UPVC pipes are also used as infusion pipes in many chemical plants thanks to the fact that they are resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion. The cost of installing and maintaining UPVC pipes is low in comparison to metal pipes. There is no need for special tools for cutting. One-stop solvent cement is all that is required to provide a 100% leak-proof joint. As a leading pipe manufacturing company, we ensure that our UPVC pipes are designed as per the modern industrial standards.

  • Tap water
  • Irrigation projects
  • Rainwater projects

As a leading pipe company in India, Skipper Pipes offers PVC, UPVC, and CPVC pipes and fittings for different plumbing applications. The pipes and fittings we manufacture are lightweight and 100% leak-proof.


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