5 Ways Skipper CPVC Pipes Have An Edge Over Other Industry Players

5 Ways Skipper CPVC Pipes Have An Edge Over Other Industry Players

The value of the worldwide CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes & fittings market was just over $1740 million in 2019. By the end of 2025, this figure is estimated to zoom beyond the $2940 million mark – with the CAGR for this period hovering around the 9% mark. With regular innovation and functionality enhancements, the sector is evolving fast – and Skipper Pipes, with its comprehensive range of CPVC pipes and fittings, is steadily emerging as a market-leader in this domain. Over here, we have highlighted the key factors that make Skipper CPVC pipes better than those offered by other industry players:

Made From Premium-Grade Durastream Compound

When it comes to comparing the CPVC pipes & fixtures from different companies, the materials used make all the difference. Skipper’s CPVC pipes are made of the finest-quality Durasteam compound, which is sourced from the globally reputed Sekisui Chemicals Co. Ltd. in Japan.

Made from world-class polymers, the pipes are highly durable and do not cause any significant heat loss (due to thermal expansion). The in-house team follows cutting-edge precision manufacturing procedures, so that customer expectations and requirements are met in the best possible manner.

CPVC pipes manufactured by Skipper have excellent mechanical strength – ruling out wear & tear and the need for frequent repairs/replacements. The light chlorination process applied during the production of these pipes enhance their suitability for potable water supply and transfer.

The ergonomic designs of Skipper CPVC pipes bolster their overall versatility and usability. The pipes are fully resistant to corrosion and abrasive chemicals and do not allow problematic scale build-ups either. As a result, the pipes can be used for a wide range of applications without any hassles. These CPVC pipes can withstand mechanical tensions and stress as well for extended periods.

Skipper CPVC Pipes Deliver Unmatched Quality Standards

Quality maintenance has always been a watchword of all that Skipper Pipes does. The CPVC pipes manufactured by the company are compliant to all the latest Indian and global quality standards. At different stages of production, strict quality control procedures are performed. Hence, the final products are invariably of optimal quality.

The focus on innovation and continuous improvement plays a big role in ensuring that the CPVC pipes are always of the desired standards. Thanks to the efforts of the in-house R&D team, the company has been able to constantly track the market demand trends and expand its portfolio accordingly.

The quality excellence of Skipper pipes is underlined by several prestigious industry certifications. Its CPVC pipes are ISI and NSF certified (Skipper is a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer) – and they offer a seamless blend of visual appeal, robust strength, and top-notch service life. Maintenance costs are minimal too.

The strong and smooth interior surface of Skipper CPVC pipes ensures excellent water flow rates. The lightweight nature of these pipes add to the convenience factor further. Water noise levels are low, and risks of damages due to heavy water-pressure are minimised.

Lead-Free Assurance For Hygiene Maintenance

Across the world, around 33% of people do not have access to clean, hygienic drinking water. What’s more, drinking water contaminated with lead and/or other heavy metals can cause several diseases, and can even prove fatal. To keep such risks at an arm’s length, Skipper designs CPVC pipes with complete lead-free assurance.

Since these pipes prevent bacterial growth, water hygiene is maintained at all times. There is no other microbial growth or other scaling growth (that can diminish the pipe performance over time) either. The importance of having continuous access to healthy drinking water is immense, and Skipper CPVC pipes offer exactly that.

The pipes are manufactured in adherence to the relevant ASTM standards, and conform to IS: 15778. There are no chances of the pipes getting damaged even when the water pH level is lower than 6.5. The robust pressure-bearing capability ensures that additional supports/hangers are not generally required.

The CPVC pipes manufactured by Skipper have top-class thermoplastic properties as well. The built-in insulation does away with the problems associated with excessive condensation and sweating. There are no energy losses through the pipe surfaces either. Not surprisingly, Skipper CPVC pipes are extremely popular for home plumbing applications.

Ease Of Installation & Fitting

Superior customisation is one of the hallmarks of Skipper’s CPVC pipes and accessories. The pipes can be quickly, securely and easily installed – without buyers having to worry about probable leaks, cracks or other surface damages.

The pipes can be cut with precision as per the precise user requirements, with the help of a fine-tooth hacksaw. The Skipper solvent cement, which is used in the joint of the pipes, comes with complete quality assurance – and is instrumental in setting up fixtures that last a long time.

Since no heat source and/or electrical source is required for pipe installation, the entire process becomes extremely cost-effective. Unlike the products of several other companies, the experts at Skipper also ensure that there is no leaching and pitting in the CPVC pipes.

Brittleness in plumbing fixtures is a commonly encountered problem. With Skipper CPVC pipes, this issue is eliminated, however. The corrosion and chemical-resistance of the pipes make sure that the overall sturdiness remains intact over the entire lifespan of the products. Of course, due care has to be taken to ensure proper installation of the pipes.

Best-in-Class Durability & Resistance

Apart from being rust-resistant, the CPVC pipes from Skipper come with top-notch thermal and mechanical pressure-resistance as well. The pipes retain their shape, quality and functionality at extreme temperatures (up to 93°C water temperature). Irrespective of whether they are being used in hot or cold water applications, these pipes do not get decayed or form leaks. Hence, concerns over frequent repairs do not come into the picture.

The CPVC pipes and fittings typically have very low flaming drips & smoke generation – ensuring no rise in the fire load. All of these (together with the high limiting oxygen intake (or, LOI)) contribute to the powerful fire-resistance of the pipes as well. As such, Skipper pipes rank high from the safety perspective too.

The capability to withstand extended periods of UV radiation is also an important factor behind the widespread acceptance of Skipper CPVC pipes for potable water supply. There is practically no adverse effect on the resistance and material strength of the pipes (i.e., no UV degradation) – boosting the overall longevity.

Skipper takes pride in providing end-to-end CPVC piping solutions to buyers. By following an agile and streamlined manufacturing workflow, the company is able to offer customisable and quality-assured CPVC pipes to customers at highly competitive rates. As such, the application areas of Skipper Pipes are expanding fast.

The unwavering quality commitment of Skipper Pipes, together with its steadily growing range of CPVC pipes, has helped the company consolidate its position as a leading pipes & fittings manufacturer in India. Apparently minor quality irregularities, leaks and breakages in CPVC pipes can lead to serious problems – and Skipper, with its rigorous product quality standards, ensures that buyers never face any such issues. The Indian market for CPVC pipes & fittings is growing fast, and Skipper is right at the forefront of this growth.


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