Different Types of Home Piping Solutions

When every minute decision of our life is taken after considerable contemplation, then why do we decide on plumbing pipes without a thought? After all, bad plumbing turns into a daily headache.

How do we choose pipes for plumbing?

The major aspect of undertaking a plumbing project is to consider which type of material is most suitable. Metal, as well as plastic piping solutions, are the best material for plumbing, sewage and water transportation. But which of the two outshines the other? The answer to how to choose the right pipe for plumbing applications is complicated. There are several factors that must be considered, such as application requirements, temperature, material, durability, etc.

How do we instruct our plumbers?

Whether you are upgrading your existing plumbing system or switching to a new one, your plumber is likely to ask you your preference. In order to make the right choice, you must be aware of the pros and cons of the various materials available and what’s better suited to your needs. Our experts at Skipper Pipes are here to assist you with premium quality India’s Safest pipes and fittings. We can help update your plumbing system so that it is safe for you and all your family members to use it.

What are the main types of pipes?

There are several types of materials that are used for piping applications such as:

Copper tubing

Stainless steel Brass tubing Galvanized metal Plastic pipe

Metal Pipes – Starting with metal pipes since they have been a part of the plumbing industry for decades. Metal piping is typically made out of stainless steel or iron. From different piping materials in the market like copper and galvanized steel, most piping solutions are manufactured using brass, copper, cast iron, or some other metal but pipes made out of these materials gradually began to age, deteriorating in efficiency. Galvanized steel pipes with zinc coating seem the perfect solution; however, these could not be used for the transportation of

gas or any other acidic fluids. The latest innovation in metal pipes is that of black steel pipes. Coated with dark-coloured iron-oxide, these pipes don’t need any galvanization. Their high heat resistance makes them the ideal choice for water, gas, and fire sprinkler systems transportation.

Plastic Pipes – Typically used for waste material drainage, PVC pipes are lightweight and easier to work with, they can be easily cut into smaller pieces to fit into tighter areas. PVC pipes rose to popularity due to their light weight and reduced installation cost, compared to conventional galvanized steel pipes. Even though there are many advantages, these pipes are not as durable as metal pipes, requiring frequent replacement. However, PVC pipes are corrosion resistant, unlike metal pipes. These pipes can easily be glued with solvents. Plastic pipes also have insulating properties that prevent condensation on pipes carrying cold water and reduce heat loss through pipes carrying hot water. There are endless benefits of using PVC over other materials such as leak-proof, corrosion resistance, flexibility, etc making PVC the go-to piping solution for all water projects.

We are leading manufacturers of premium quality polymer pipes and fittings made using advanced technology and modern machines after years of research by our dedicated R&D team. Our PVC pipes are the ideal choice for agricultural and plumbing applications.

Copper Pipes – Copper plumbing pipes are made using pure copper which can handle up to 1000 psi pressure. Ideal for water plumbing, these pipes can withstand extreme temperatures and have a shelf life of 50-70 years depending on external factors such as climate, water quality, and operating patterns. These pipes are less likely to freeze throughout the winter season when compared to other materials. In addition, copper piping is resistant to corrosion from water and

other pipe materials that can leach chemicals.

Galvanized Steel Pipe – These pipes are generally found in older homes, these pipes have been used for decades for water and gas supply. Mostly used for gas transportation, galvanized pipes are still around. Although they have higher durability they are not used in newer, modern projects. Best for drain and vent lines, these pipes are screwed with connecting fittings and are a pricey alternative.

For further assistance, check out our blog on how to choose the right plumbing pipes in order to make the right choice.


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