Plumbers of India – Imran Ansari

Imran Ansari_Plumbers of India

The Man of the House

A short tale of Imran Ansari, the plumber from Bhadreswar, West Bengal

‘I could not, but I wanted to make sure they could’


As the light dims on an early winter afternoon, Imran tries to finish work because he wants to return to his primary reason to be, home and family. A two roomed rented space, where three generations make do.

Imran Ansari stopped his careless, youthful ways of life and gave up his freedom of exploration at a very early age. His father, a jute mill worker in the dark ages of the West Bengal industrial scenario, lost his job when Imran was in class 4. Having lost the battle of life in his mind, Imran’s father turned into a drunkard and an abusive person. His complete and utter disinterest in the family suddenly made the 10–12-year-old Imran become ‘the man of the house’. Education could not continue for him. Small jobs and odd jobs became his way of life. Trying to find food for his growing family of 6, he became the man his father could never be.

Imran, the elder brother took over the complete responsibility of his family of his three siblings, father and mother just as he was in his twenties and starting to enjoy life.

Imran made sure that his brother and sisters got what he could not. He educated his siblings.

His younger brother became a graduate and is now a hotel manager. He wants to help his family to buy some land and their own home.

The elder sister married, the brother in a secure profession, a happy household with a mother, wife and a 5-year-old kid and Imran’s reputation as an expert plumber – even he didn’t think it was possible just a few years ago.

Imran is the story of a young Indian who forged his fortune on his own. He created a close knit family despite the Ill effects of his father’s character.

Skipper Pipes salutes Imran’s way of life and his ethos and wishes him all the pleasures of life that he has earned. We are proud of you Imran, our Skipper Saathi member for life.


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