5 Points To Consider Before Installing UPVC pipes

The worldwide UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes market is growing at a surprisingly fast rate. As per projections, the UPVC pipes and fittings market was valued at $8.3 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%. With constant innovation and improvements, the sector is growing fast – and Skipper Pipes, with its diverse range of UPVC pipes and fittings is proceeding to take up the position of the market leader in this sector. Let’s take a look at the key factors to keep in mind while purchasing UPVC pipes.

Know Your Precise Requirements

The UPVC pipes and fittings from the house of Skipper Pipes come in a wide range of sizes. From 15mm to 200mm, all your piping solutions will be met by the UPVC pipes providing high-end durability. The UPVC pipes enable potable water distribution for any residential or commercial purposes. These pipes can absolutely serve a variety of purposes like public utilities, industrial applications and swimming pools.

Unlike CPVC pipes, which are adept in balancing between hot and cold water and can withstand temperatures of more than 90 degree Celsius, the UPVC pipes are not suitable for transporting hot water. So, according to the needs UPVC pipes can be very reliable as well as highly cost effective. 

Pipe Material & Physical/Mechanical Properties

Made from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, these high quality pipes show strong corrosion resistance to chemicals and other elements of nature. Such properties make UPVC pipes ideal for any kind of residential and plumbing applications. These pipes are made from eco-friendly and virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compounds.

This primary manufacturing compound of UPVC pipes makes them mineral resistant and corrosion-proof, enabling them to withstand the effects of hardware conditions. They also offer high strength and UV resistance. UPVC pipes are chemically neutral, which means they do not react with the transportation fluid under any circumstances. They offer great insulation in the scenario of electrical installations since the material is non-conductive to fire and combustion.

Hygiene Factor

Corrosion in the inner surfaces of pipes is a very common issue along with chances of plaque-formation and lead-contamination (given that lead is a certified Group 2B carcinogen, this is an extremely serious health hazard). Hence, always look for UPVC pipes and fittings that are 100% lead free, especially for residential or drinking water installations. 

This particular material is usually tasteless and odourless making it ideal for carrying any kind of fluid. The inner surfaces of UPVC pipes don’t allow deposits to form hence keeps the flow of water unhindered and particle free. 


Standard UPVC pipes should fall under ASTM D – 1785 and ASTM D – 2467 to conform to the certified industry standard pipes. One should always check such details before deciding on their purchase. Another key aspect that matters the most while choosing pipes for plumbing solutions is the correct shape and size. There are a wide range of UPVC pipes and fittings solutions available in the market but the application area of every size varies according to requirement. 

In the manufacturing process of such pipes, there is no usage of additional plasticizing polymers. This is why UPVC pipes have higher rigid consistency than regular PVC pipes.


UPVC pipes are made from high-quality polymer materials to deliver unparalleled service along with very less surface porosity to ensure less breakage and leakage – in turn, reducing maintenance costs. Polymer pipes and fittings have 1/5th the weight of regular steel pipes, which ensures lesser transportation cost and easy installation.

These plumbing solutions are tough, durable and have high UV resistance, enabling them for great outdoor usage which saves the cost of replacement in the long run. Being made from high grade polymer makes the pipes breakage proof, and their joints leakage proof – which reduces the maintenance cost to great extent. In simple words, one gets full value in exchange for the money spent.

Numerous piping and fittings solutions are readily available in the market these days, but choosing the right one ensures long term reliability, while reducing cost to the maximum extent possible. Proper quality along with the value for money is what should be kept in mind while analysing the correct UPVC pipes. Skipper Pipes pioneers in UPVC pipes, revolutionising the pipes and fitting solutions industry. Keep in mind the above pointers while choosing the right pipes and stay assured for a lifetime.


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