Facts About UPVC Pipes That You Should Know


UPVC pipes are widely used in plumbing systems for residential and commercial properties. They are known for delivering efficient service. Known for being non-toxic and chemical-free, UPVC pipes are ideal for transporting potable water. Being chemical-resistant, they are also used for transporting chemicals such as chloride in industrial settings.

Here are some important facts about UPVC pipes that every user should know:

100% Lead-free:

Lead poisoning is a problem that has been recognised all over the world. Some cheap pipes use lead and the risk of lead affecting the water quality is real. Our UPVC pipes are lead-free and heavy metal-free. Made from a non-toxic compound, our UPVC pipes are safer than pipes made from metals and concrete. Being 100% lead-free makes our UPVC pipes ideal for transporting drinking water.

Resistant to chemical and corrosion:

UPVC pipes do not rust and are free of any chemicals. The compound with which our UPVC pipes are made is of non-toxic quality. It is for this reason that the UPVC popes do not react with chlorine present in the water. As UPVC pipes do not rust or corrode, they do not leak or break easily.

Zero build-up:

UPVC pipes are preferred because there are almost no chances of build-up and deposits. This makes them ideal for sewerage piping systems. Due to this anti-scaling property, our UPVC pipes do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance like metal pipes.

Easy installation:

Our UPVC pipes are lightweight, making them easy to transport, handle and install. They do not require any special tools for installation. All this reduces transportation and installation costs.

Operational costs:

As our UPVC pipes do not corrode or leak easily, they do not require frequent maintenance. This makes them a cost-efficient solution.

100% leak proof:

Our UPVC pipes provide leak-proof and uninterrupted water supply. One-stop solvent cement is used to provide a 100% leak proof joint.


Our UPVC pipes have excellent tensile and impact strength, making them a smart substitute for GI pipe systems. Our UPVC pipes are also UV resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Our UPVC pipes and fittings have high resilience and can withstand high pressure — this makes them an ideal choice for plumbing applications.

Skipper Pipes is the leader among best UPVC pipes suppliers. When properly installed, UPVC pipes are known to last for decades. Our UPVC pipes are known for high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. They can withstand any hazardous condition and tension.


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