Factors to consider when choosing bathroom fittings


Every bathroom deserves the perfect fittings. The right bathroom fittings can add to the charm of the bathroom. With there being plenty of choices it can sometimes become confusing to decide which bathroom fittings are the best option for you. Below are some factors that homeowners and bathroom decorators should keep in mind while choosing bathroom fittings:


Durability is an essential feature that you should look for in bathroom fittings such as taps, hand shower, shower, and faucet. As these fittings will be touched over and over again and get wet, go for a material that can stand up to moisture and does not rust easily. Our CP bathroom fittings are a great choice. They have a mirror-like finish. The chrome-plating finish not only looks good but also prevents the underlying metal from rusting, making them durable in the long run.


These days, there are different kinds of bathroom faucets with different functionalities. Some faucets come with rising fitting while others come with rotating modes. It is totally up to your preference. Some people prefer simple faucets, while others like sophisticated ones. As bathroom fittings are meant to be there for a long time, it best you take your personal preferences into account.


When it comes to choosing the design, it’s up to your taste. In general, it is recommended that all the bathroom fittings should be consistent. Fittings with different finish might look out of place. Our CP fittings are available in various shapes and sizes. When picking a faucet, keep the design and the height and width of the washbasin in mind. The faucet should be easily accessible for use.

Ease of cleaning:

A dirty tap can mar the overall appearance of your bathroom. While soap and dirt build up on the corners of the taps, it is important to regularly clean them to maintain their shiny appearance. Think about how easy bathroom fittings would be to clean before buying them. Our CP fittings are easy to clean and maintain. Resistant to corrosion and water stains, they do no get dirty easily. If they do get dirty, clean them with a little soap and moist cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that scratch the chrome plating.


Budget is something that you cannot ignore but do not let that be the sole deciding factor. Make sure that the bathroom fittings you choose are cost-effective in the long run. Made from high-quality materials, our bathroom fittings are designed to last for years. First of all, CP bathroom fittings are trendy. Second, they do not easily rust or fade, making them a cost-effective choice.

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when choosing your bathroom fittings. Explore chrome-plated fittings from Skipper Pipes, a leading CP fittings company. We have a wide range of taps that match bathroom of all types and designs. CP bathroom fittings are a great choice for a high-end look and feel. As our products are corrosion-resistant, they continue to look brand new for years to come.


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