Benefits of using PVC pipes


PVC pipes have now become a superior alternative to conventional pipes due to many different reasons. In fact, the advent and superior availability of PVC pipes have spurred immense infrastructural development in India.

Whether it be a residential or commercial plumbing project, sewage project, industrial piping project, or for agricultural purposes, PVC pipes are a feasible option due to their unmatched versatility. If you are planning to buy PVC pipes, choose from Skipper Pipes, one of the leading PVC pipe manufacturers in India. Learn more about the company’s PVC pipes at  

Here are a few benefits of using PVC pipes:

1) Low price and wide availability

Unlike metal and other conventional pipes, PVC pipes are affordable and, therefore, come as a cost-effective option. Whether you need high-quality pipes for residential or commercial purposes, you can avoid spending extra by choosing PVC pipes in bulk.

Also, PVC pipes are widely available as compared to compared to other types of pipes. And due to their easy availability, you can avoid bringing your plumbing and other piping projects to a halt by restocking the pipes and fittings.  

2) Easy to transport and install

One of the important properties that set PVC pipes apart is less weight. Yes, PVC pipes have a comparatively low weight than conventional pipes. As such, their lightweight design makes them easy to transport while lowering the freight cost.

Also, companies like Skipper Limited offers a vast range of fittings for PVC pipes. As such, the availability of different types of fittings makes it easy for you to install them.

3) Superior longevity

One important factor that makes PVC pipes a cost-effective option is superior longevity. Unlike conventional pipes, PVC pipes last for a long time, thanks to their uncompromised durability. High-quality PVC pipes have a rigid structure and, therefore, are suitable for use in harsh environments.

High-quality PVC pipes from Skipper Pipes are resistant to corrosion and, therefore, the brand’s pipes do not lose structural strength over time. As such, they have a long working life.

4) Suitable for distribution of potable water

Unlike conventional pipes, PVC pipes aren’t limited to transporting waste or unusable water. The PVC pipes Skipper offers do not support bacterial growth and any type of chemical reaction. As such, they are highly suitable for transporting potable/drinking water.

5) Perfect choice for leak-proof piping systems

PVC pipes come as the right choice for applications in leak-proof piping system requirements. Unlike conventional pipes, PVC pipes allow easy jointing as you don’t require any special tools to cut them and alter their length. A fine-toothed saw is all you need to cut PVC pipes.  

Also, you can seal any joint of PVC pipes and make it leak-proof by using one-stop solvent cement. Some of the common types of joint for PVC pipes include elbow, reducer elbow, tee, cross tee, threaded tee, and reducer tee.

Choose from one of the renowned PVC pipe suppliers

Skipper Limited has a vast collection of different types of PVC pipes, including  CPVC and UPVC pipes at its disposal. As such, the company caters to various types of piping requirements.


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