4 Uses of PVC Pipes


If there’s one type of pipe that ubiquitous in terms of application, it’s PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
pipe. Compared to other types of pipes, PVC pipes come as a feasible option in several
aspects, including low cost, easy availability, easy transportation, easy installation, and low
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Here are some of the common uses of PVC pipes:

1) Plumbing

PVC pipes and fittings are commonly used in plumbing projects. Most home builders these days
choose PVC pipes for laying the plumbing work in new homes. The reason being that PVC
pipes have low cost and last longer than ceramic or metal pipes.
Skipper Pipes offers a wide range of PVC pipe fittings which you can use to install PVC pipes
for laying down the plumbing work. Another factor that makes PVC pipes a good choice for
plumbing work is you can easily cut them and alter their length. On the other hand, metal pipes
do not allow easy alteration of length.

2) Sewage

Apart from plumbing, PVC pipes also make a great choice for the evacuation of wastewater.
One of the main factors that make PVC pipes a good option for sewage applications is their
property to resist chemical reactions.
Unlike metal pipes, PVC pipes do not support chemical reaction and do not corrode. As such,
they require the least maintenance and work for a long period of time. PVC pipes are available
in various sizes; you can easily choose the diameter of PVC pipes as per the requirement of
your sewage project.

3) Industries

PVC pipes are ubiquitous when it comes to industrial piping applications. In industries, PVC
pipes find various applications such as transportation of hazardous chemicals and processing
cooling water.
Piping systems on industries have to meet several criteria, given the hard working
environments. PVC pipes are one of the most durable. They make a good option for application
in piping systems in industries as they have superior corrosion resistance.

4) Agriculture

PVC now accounts for a significant percent of agricultural pipes and fittings. PVC pipes and
fittings are now a go-to choice in the agricultural sector in India as they are a cost-effective
option. The wide variety of PVC pipe fittings that are available opens up the possibility of
endless configurations of PVC pipes.

Skipper Pipes offers different types of PVC pipes for versatile applications

Skipper Pipes offers different types of PVC pipes, including CPVC and UPVC pipes. These
pipes are suitable for various applications, including sewage, agriculture, and plumbing. Also,
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