Why should farmers use agriculture PVC pipe?

agriculture PVC pipe

Farming activities are dependent on a good irrigation system. An efficient irrigation system requires good agriculture pipes. Over the years, PVC pipes have become a popular choice for irrigation as they offer many benefits. In this post,  we will discuss why farmers should use agriculture PVC pipes

Agricultural PVC pipes are durable:

Good-quality PVC pipes are long-lasting. So, once you install them, you don’t have to worry about replacing them for years to come. As these plumbing systems are long-lasting, they significantly reduce operational costs. 

100% lead-free:

Lead can be very dangerous for your health. Exposure to high levels of lead can cause health issues. It is very important to choose agricultural pipes that are 100% lead-free. Our agricultural PVC pipes are completely free of lead, ensuring overall hygiene and high-quality crop production. They are perfect for supplying potable water to agricultural fields for a variety of applications. Besides, they exhibit low thermal conductivity.

Resistant to corrosion and chemicals:

The agricultural PVC pipes are highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals. They don’t corrode easily, which reduces the maintenance and upkeep costs. Along with that, their smooth interiors ensure that no chemicals or fertilisers are deposited within the inner walls of the pipes. Their corrosion and chemical resistance properties make them a go-to choice for agricultural applications. 

Easy to install:

Since our agriculture PVC pipes are lightweight, they are very easy to install and transport. The pipes can be transported from one place to another very easily, without any hassle. Besides, the chances of the installers getting injured while installing the pipes are low, unlike conventional metal pipes. Furthermore, when it comes to installation, labour and transportation costs, agricultural PVC pipes have an edge over other piping materials, which make them cost-effective. 

Non-toxic and conductive:

Our agricultural PVC pipes can withstand harsh weather conditions as they are non-toxic. They are not just immune to to galvanic or electrolytic erosion but they are also resistant to acids, oxidising agents, alkalies, oils and domestic effluents. This makes make them fit for high-purity water application.

Uniform distribution of fertilisers:

Fertiliser application is a crucial component of any agricultural farm, and adopting agriculture PVC pipe fittings will make it simple, uniform, and hassle-free while reducing labour costs and ensuring zero waste of expensive fertilisers.

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