Plumbing is an Important Aspect of A Building


Anuradha is very upset, as her entire plumbing system in the bathroom has gone for a toss.  She’s extremely disappointed with Gautam, as he’s too busy with his work and has not been able to contact the local plumber ‘Mohan’.  With every passing day, Anuradha grew more restless and decided to take a day off and resolve it herself. She called Mohan, requested to drop by and carry a detailed inspection to understand the problem in the plumbing system.

Anuradha & Gautam were shocked at Mohan’s conclusion. Their home is an ancestral one and they are still using the same old conventional pipes.

 The major disadvantages of conventional pipes are:

  • For water supply in the plumbing system, once metal or Galvanised Iron (GI) pipes get chocked, repairing of the system is cost extensive & time taking.
  • Metal pipes are prone to corrosion and the life of the pipe depends upon various factors like water quality, environment, and galvanizing hence life is limited.
  • Installation & maintenance of metallic piping systems leads to very high as compared to CPVC piping system.
  • The life cycle cost of metallic piping system is less in comparison with the CPVC piping system.

Mohan has suggested them an effective and long life solution by replacing old Pipes with new CPVC piping system in the building for various water applications.

CPVC water piping systems in a building are like veins carrying blood in a body. If there is clogging in veins, one develops major health concerns. Similarly, damaged plumbing can lead to major issues in a building. Hence, reinstallation becomes vital.

In India, houses built over 20 years ago mostly have conventional pipes like GI (Galvanised Iron) pipes for water supply.  Now, in order to breathe new life into an old house, it’s best to replace it with a SKIPPER Durastream CPVC Piping system which are the best option available in the market for Hot & Cold water supplies in Internal & external plumbing & NSF 61 certified (*).

The advantages of CPVC water piping system include:

  • High-Temperature Resistance up to 93 degrees Celcius
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Superior mechanical strength & Hygiene perspective
  • Great flame resistance
  • Relatively low cost & maintainence free
  • Excellent chemical resistance & UV resistance
  • Leak proof joints and less shrinkage with elevated temperature

Caution: Please follow standard operating procedure while installation with Solar heater & Transition with UPVC  or Convention piping system.

NSF certification is up to 50mm


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