How to Perform Easy DIY Plumbing Pipe Fixes at Home

How to Perform Easy DIY Plumbing Pipe Fixes at Home

In day to day life, plumbing problems are common and often clogged drains or leaky taps become a plumbing nightmare. The solution needs to be found quickly and often plumbers are not available instantly. Is the problem with Plumbing Pipes or is it something rather easily fixable? This detailed guide offers you a step-by-step guide on how to tackle these problems and gives you the necessary information to fix them. While some DIY Plumbing Fixes are quite easy, others require following certain techniques. A lot can be done at home without calling an expert.

Understanding the Different Plumbing Problems

From discolouration near new connections or some strange noises coming from the taps, plumbing woes can bother you at any time. With a little bit of DIY magic, the following plumbing issues can easily be taken care of. Let’s explore:

Leaky Faucets: Let’s face it, dripping faucets are extremely annoying. Not only does it waste water and money, but it also disturbs the entire mood of the house. This repair is quite frequent and as simple as changing a faulty washer. The job can be completed by using a small number of tools and most of them can be bought from the local hardware shop.

Clogged Drains: From strands of hair to cleaning soap scum, drains can be clogged by different particles. It is a frustrating experience and it requires quick fixing. Harsh chemical compounds can definitely be used, but often plungers can do the job. Considering the complexity of the clog, decisions need to be taken.

Leaky Pipes: Even small leaks grow very fast and become a cause of headache. Choosing the right Plumbing pipes becomes important in this regard. Some leaks are fixed with quick solutions, like epoxy putty or compression clamp, but for larger leaks, consulting a plumber is the best solution.

Running Toilets: This is one of the most annoying problems and most of us have faced it, some time or the other. This issue disrupts our peace and also wastes a lot of water. If the fill valve is replaced or if the flapper valve is adjusted, running toilets can be fixed easily.

To perform DIY Plumbing Fixes, you need some specific tools and items. So getting your primary toolkit is extremely essential. Here are some of the important items:

Adjustable Wrench, Channel Lock Pliers, Drain Snake, Plunger, Compression Clamp 
(If required), Teflon tape, replacement washers for toilets and faucets, flathead screwdriver, basin wrench, epoxy putty (optional), plumber’s tape.

Four Things to Keep in Mind While Performing DIY Plumbing Fixes

Before performing any DIY Plumbing fixes, the problem needs to be analyzed properly. Think of the preferred fix and start the work using the right toolkit. The four things mentioned below must be kept in mind.

1. Turing off the Water Supply: Safety always comes first. That’s why it is always recommended to use India’s Safest Pipes – Skipper Pipes. After the water supply is turned off, the close-off valve needs to be located for the precise fixture that needs to be repaired. Don’t forget to turn it off completely.

2. Gathering Records: For some upkeep, which may involve changing different tap parts, this allows to recognize the logo and sometimes the version of a tap. This helps in getting the correct replacement parts.

3. Following a Particular Guide: If one looks online, there is no shortage of resources and educational films. Plenty of videos are available on YouTube too to learn the exact techniques.

4. Work in the Right Way: Plumbing fixes are not as easy as they seem. The process needs to be followed meticulously. If one doesn’t focus on the details, complicated situations can arise any time.

When to Opt for Professional Help?

While the information mentioned above can help you fix small plumbing problems, but some issues require professional help. Calling a plumber in this situation is the wise decision.

The following situations demand special attention from experts:

1. Extensive leaks or severely damaged pipes.

2. Clogged drains that can’t be fixed.

3. Major plumbing leaks that require immediate fixing.

4. If you are not sure of how well you can perform DIY fixes.

At times, Plumbing Pipes can be fixed with little effort but some problems escalate quickly. So the right decision-making needs to be done here. The key thing is to choose the right plumbing pipe from a trust worthy company likes Skipper Pipes. Upgrade your DIY capabilities and say goodbye to plumbing woes.


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