CPVC: Benefits And Applications

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The choice of piping systems for water utilities is very important for domestic and agricultural use. Often, leaks and corrosion of traditional piping systems compromise the quality of water. With low installation costs and easy maintenance, CPVC pipes offer several advantages and some of them are: 

Cost-effective to handle and install:

CPVC pipes outperform traditional pipes in terms of both quality and costs. CPVC pipes are cost-effective when breakage rates, life cycle costs, installation, and other maintenance costs are taken into consideration. These pipes also have the tenacity to withstand hazardous conditions and tension. Moreover, CPVC pipes are lightweight, which in turn reduces installation and transportation costs. Besides, the durability of the pipes also ensures minimal maintenance, thus making it a more economical option over traditional piping systems. 

Excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion:

The most common as well as an ongoing problem in piping systems is corrosion. CPVC pipes provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance advantage over other materials. These pipes and fittings offer superior resistance to internal as well as external corrosion and chemicals, eventually eliminating premature piping system failure, leaks, and flow restrictions. Moreover, our CPVC pipes are formulated in such a way that they stand up against aggressive industrial chemicals in extreme temperatures.

Low maintenance:

When properly installed, CPVC pipes require low maintenance. For superior quality, these pipes are manufactured using a light process of chlorination. Moreover, the low thermal expansion of the pipes leads to reduced heat loss, thereby making them fire-resistant. These leak-free pipes also promote minimal bacterial growth, thereby reducing the maintenance or repairing costs. Besides, these pipes remain unaffected by the most aggressive temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, thus contributing to the durability of the pipes as well. 

Safe and durable:

Besides their optimal performance, CPVC pipes are extremely safe and durable in nature. These strong and non-toxic pipes are resistant to fire and other harmful chemicals. Their good insulating properties make them an ideal choice for supplying safe drinking water. Moreover, these pipes are manufactured to keep their mechanical strength intact even at high and low temperatures. It is because of these specific reasons that make CPVC pipes durable and reliable. 

Promotes better water quality:

Unlike conventional piping materials, the exceptional smoothness of the CPVC pipes doesn’t let the sediments accumulate in them. Contaminants like microorganisms have almost minimal chance to bind themselves within the pipes’ inner walls. This is one major benefit for the sewage pipes that have to carry wastewater, which comprise a number of pollutants and contaminants. CPVC pipes also promote optimum water flow rates using less energy and smaller pumps. 

Our CPVC pipes are designed using modern equipment and state-of-art technology. The CPVC fittings come in SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 that makes these pipes an ideal choice for urban and rural plumbing segments. Moreover, our strong portfolio of CPVC pipes makes us a major player in the plumbing sector, despite being a late entrant. To know more about our durable and long-lasting CPVC pipes, click here


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