Benefits of using UPVC pipes at your home


A big part of making renovating a home or building a new home is its plumbing. If anything goes wrong with the plumbing system of the house, it may lead to leaks and walls with mold. The best way to ensure a leak-proof plumbing system in your home is to use UPVC pipes. They have become quite popular and are extensively used in both commercial and residential sectors for water supply. As one of the leading UPVC pipes manufacturers, we share with you some benefits that UPVC pipes offer: 

Strength and durability:

The plumbing system of your house is a long-term investment. UPVC pipes are a long-lasting solution as they have high tensile and impact strength. As our UPVC pipes have high tensile strength, they do not break easily under pressure. As UPVC pipes do not rust or corrode, they last for decades when installed properly. 


When it comes to choosing a plumbing pipe for your home, the safety of your family is the top priority. Made of high-quality material and welded by solvent cement, our UPVC pipes do not contaminate water passing through them. They are 100% lead-free which ensures complete hygiene. Our UPVC pipes are anti-fungal and anti-algae which means they resist bacterial growth and contamination. 

Unaffected quality of water:

Our UPVC pipes are resistant to chemicals and inorganic acids, alkalis, and salts — this ensures that the quality of water remains unaffected. 


The last thing you would want to deal with is a leak in the pipes. Our UPVC pipes offer you leak-proof performance. All you need is a one-stop solvent to provide a 100% leak proof joint. There is no need for welding or metalwork as joint fittings are attached and sealed with solvent cement. As our UPVC come in varying lengths, there isn’t a need for too many joints. This assures you of strong and leak-free joints. 

Low maintenance:

Resistant to rusting and chemicals, UPVC pipes do not break or crack easily, needing low maintenance and thus the operational costs are not too much. As UPVC pipes are not prone to scaling, they do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance. This makes UPVC pipes a cost-effective option.

Economical installation:

As UPVC pipes are lightweight, they are to handle, transport and install. UPVC pipes are quite cost-effective as they involve low transportation and installation costs. 

Smooth flow:

As UPVC pipes have smooth inner walls which minimise friction inside the pipe, you always get a fast flow of water. This can be attributed to the anti-scaling property of UPVC pipes. As there is no buildup formation in the pipes, there are no chances of friction. 

Looking for UPVC pipes suppliers? We, at Skipper Pipes, offer lead-free UPVC pipes and fittings that are easy to install and are cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial use. Our UPVC pipes are a smart substitute for metal pipes. The pipes are made as per ASTM D 1785, and also comes in SCH 40 and SCH 80.


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