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If you are looking for the perfect blend of functionality and style, your search comes to an end with Skipper Pipes’ PTMT faucets.

The leak-free, affordable and durable faucets are made from the toughest of materials, the Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate. It’s a polymer of great applicability and durability, which makes sure that the faucets last for years.

Choose from our wide range, which are perfect to maintain the smoothest flow of water in individual residences, apartments and industrial establishments.

PTMT Faucets (Polytetra Mehylene Terephthalate)

The Fittings are used for distribution of water in Buildings, Houses and Industries. The products are aesthetically designed for unmatched performance which is leak free, durable and affordable.

2 in 1 Angle Valve Tap 15MM

2 in 1 Bib Tap 15MM

Angle Valve - Skipper Pipes

Angle Valve

Bib Tap Long Body 15MM -Skipper Pipes

Bib Tap Long Body 15MM

Bib Tap 15MM - Skipper Pipes

Bib Tap 15MM

Connecting pipes PTMT - Skipper Pipes

Connecting Pipes – 15MM

Health Faucet - Skipper Pipes

Health Faucet – 15 MM

Pillar Tap - Skipper Pipes

Pillar Tap 15MM

Sin Cock - Skipper Pipes

Sin Cock 15MM

Swan Neck 15MM - Skipper Pipes

Swan Neck 15MM

Swan Neck - Skipper Pipes

Connecting pipes PTMT

Round shower with arm - Skipper Pipes

Round shower with arm